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Marcio Philomena - Let’s Cool One @ De Kikker, Den Haag (by MarcioPhilomenaMusic)

Small Fragments

  It’s hard to perceive beauty when it’s right in front of you. We’re educated to think that things we really want are always far from us, it’s everywhere in our culture, from religion to movies.

 So it shouldn’t be a common practice to exercise struggling, as much as it should be to be able to visualize positive aspects and possibilities of one’s surroundings.  =)

The Big Train

I always think of the “bright side” as not something you simply connect to every now and then, as a glimpse of alertness in your mind that suddenly makes you aware of your usually automatic way of thinking.

I think of it more as a fast running train that, if you want to, you’re able to ride for free, but it requires much more than sporadic positive thinking, I think it asks for much more than that. In able to ride it you have to speed your energy up, make it flow as quickly and as effortlessly as that thing, and once you’re in it, you have to keep your balance with mastery, like you were riding a skateboard of some sort at the speed of light. If eventually you fall out it, it won’t slow down and wait for you to pick yourself up to get back on it, it simply keeps on riding it’s course, it’s impersonal, it’s probably full of other people riding it, it doesn’t mind about you losing it, as much as it doesn’t mind about you riding it for as long as you want to, it’s just there.

It’s not only a mind thing, it is a body and spirit thing as well, it won’t take fragmented passengers, with mind in one place and body in another.

Beyond recognition

When you actually go beyond something you’ve been wanting to surpass for a long time, a kind of empty feelings settles in. It’s like you’re missing the very thing you wanted to see away from you, it’s like you’re missing your enemy.

Growing up

I still think I’m in the growing up phase, even if I’m too old to actually still be getting taller, I’m still trying to establish my own convictions.

The thing is I can’t go along with what the common sense says growing up is, because if it has anything to do with getting bitter, fatter, bored, boring, leave me out of it…

 If it has anything to do with agreeing that external factors like politics, weather, trends and others like this are what dictate what my life is going to be, leave me out it…

If it has anything to do with saying that whatever that’s created these days is bad, worse than the good old stuff, please leave me out it…

If it has anything to do with saying that I can’t learn new things because I’m not 13 anymore, or that things are not as fun as they used because I’m not 13 anymore, leave me out of it…

If it has anything to do with not playing sports anymore, leave me out of it…

If it has anything to do with watching more and more TV everyday, leave me out of it…

If it has anything to do with becoming less and less pro-active please leave me out of it…

If it has anything to do with settling and becoming complacent, leave me out of it…

I’d really rather be a youngster wannabe, than an old f*** then… But hey, how come can I be better than a lot of older people, in a lot of stuff, if I can’t really grow up?


I wish we we’re all able to deal with whatever that’s new better. I feel like sometimes I fall in love with old stuff just because it’s old and my mind tricks me to believe that whatever has passed is better than what I have now, or whatever I have the opportunity to have now.

I can’t count the number of times I’ve fallen into that trap. And it amazes me how the mind erases every single one of the bad memories and only lets the nice ones slide, I hope my mind wasn’t that pleasant to good memories.

But what I believe now is that we can’t take anything for granted, whatever we have in our hands right is far better than we can believe. And whatever we don’t have is actually worse than whatever our minds can fabric…


There’s such a big difference between being bummed out and being just simply happy. I think the misconception is how much you have to work to switch from one to the other. My opinion is not much, both are states, both are present and available at all times to be “contemplated”, but somewhere in a lot of people’s growth they heard that it’s easier to be negative and to experience negative things, and to be happy you have to work your whole life.

Honestly I think it’s a bit corny sometimes to say that you don’t need ANYTHING to be happy. That’s not true, as much as we grew up in a society that kinda tend to be negative, we grew up in a society that likes “things”. So I’d love to be able to give up on everything and go live in a monastery, but I still enjoy the things that I fight for and achieve. But in spite of that, I feel like it’s almost like happiness runs parallel to all that craziness, it feeds from that but it isn’t that!

 It is a state of mind, it is the skill to focus on the good things, because they’re always there, and avoid the negative things, that are always there too! No supernatural force will come and remove all the negative things that surround us, because I don’t believe there is the option of eliminating something intangible, something created by the mind itself!

 Anyway, another set of random thoughts I felt like sharing! haha

Common sense

It’s my nature to want to go against most things that people in general are set to agree. There are some beliefs that are like trends that people absorb blindly. And what makes me mad is when I see people behaving accordingly to it, although deep down they just don’t believe it, and never would if it wasn’t for the fact that something is common sense.

It seems like it’s common sense to agree that music is getting worse… I know when people say it they really mean mainstream pop music, but, that’s just a too damn simple way of seeing things in my opinion. What I see is music getting better. The whole music scene is getting more and more interesting by the way.

With the whole internet thing, you no longer need to turn on your TV and settle with whatever MTV or any other given channel has to play. If you like something, you turn on your computer and you just go and get it. There’s no such thing anymore as it’s hard to get someone’s music, and it’s hard to get this kind of music. It’s all there, easy to get. So considering that I believe in people in general actually having a pretty good sensibility to what’s good and what’s not, it seems to me like it’s easier these days for some independent, alternative, not pop artists to be discovered, than ever.

Considering that at least for me, not being a “pop artist” I guess things are actually looking better these days, and for a lot of people. So there is no need for mass posting about how Bieber lyrics are shallow and that’s what’s dominating the scene. Bieber is famous because of his act, he didn’t get famous because one was searching for great lyricists and bumped into him… Let’s just all of us do our thing, from the bottom of our hearts, and put it out there, I guess it’s hard to get as famous as him, but there will be actually a lot of people that will respond to it.

First Sounds

So I’m reading this book and I read something about remembering the first sounds you ever got out of your instrument. Honestly I can’t remember, I remember the first couple of chords I played and I wasn’t that excited about the sound, it wasn’t such an exciting song for a 11 year old.

But… All of the sudden I’m totally taken by this memory of the first time I learned how to play this Oasis song, which was one of the bands that inspired me to pick up the instrument. Wow… The feeling of making a sound that resembled what the real song sounded like was incredible, I remember it very vividly to this day. Being able to reproduce it felt like having super powers, it wasn’t a machine doing it, it was me!

It’s funny to think that so many years later I’m still excited every time I pick up the guitar, it still feels new, fresh. I still feel like I haven’t figured out much about it, there’s not a moment where I feel like I’m getting closer to the point where I don’t need to learn anything new, or there’s nothing in the horizon that will surprise me.

Remembering that moment is pretty overwhelming!